It's the

The Potential of fishing tackle
The potential of anglers
When combined, unimaginable strength emerges.

That is the strength of Potential Power.

The Potential Power of

There is something that only Shimano can produce. Using its original, long-established metalworking techniques, most notably its precision cold-forged technology, Shimano pursues eternally smooth reeling. This pursuit can only be realised through the power of ultimate precision, overwhelming strength and exceptional durability.

The Potential Power of

Each and every angler has unique aspirations. Backed by diverse experiences, they anticipate the moment of the strike. They patiently wait for that moment, believing in their own potential power.

Eternally smooth reeling

HAGANE Gear is precision cold-forged for smoothness and immense strength.

Micromodule Gear has super-refined teeth.

X-SHIP creates a STRONG Gearing foundation to cope with extreme pressure.

HAGANE Body provides highly Durable Protection for internal components.

from six anglers
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What's your HAGANE SPIRIT?

Shimano's HAGANE Technology supports your HAGANE Spirit.